Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Preserve your memories of a special event with our quality photography services in Melbourne. For us, the ideas that happen behind the lens are always inspired by the lives lived in front. The individual stories and journeys that make every person so unique. We strive to capture them in a way that reflects who our subjects truly are, rather than shoehorning them into a template version of what we want them to be. At Dash Events, we provide premium photography hire services to any event in Melbourne.

Our services

Dash Events provides quality photography hire services for any occasion. Whether it is a Birthday Party, Wedding, Engagement, School Event, Corporate Function or a Fundraiser, our photographers know how to perfectly capture your most special moments.

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At Dash Events, we employ the best party photographers in Melbourne. They use high quality cameras and take pictures that perfectly capture the atmosphere and vibe of your event. They are incredibly imaginative and are also open to your own photo ideas.

Photography packages

Dash Events provide a number of different payment options depending on how long you need our photography hire services. Listed below are our various photography packages:

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If you want to hire a photographer in Melbourne for your next party, why look anywhere else? To book our services or to find out more, please feel free to give us a call on 04 8884 3274.    


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